1994 original Essgee Production - PHOTO GALLERY

Jon English & original Major General Glynn Nicholas 1994- Brisbane

Glynn Nicholas & original Essgee Singlettes 1994 Sydney

Jon with Anthony Weigh, Michael Falzon & Marc James 1994 Melbourne

Tim Tyler & Police Perth 1994

Toni Lamond with Gary Jones 1994 Brisbane

Glynn Nicholas 1994 Cast

Glynn with Helen Donaldson 1994 Melbourne

Glynn 1994 Sydney

Tim Tyler & Helen Donaldson Brisbane 1994

The Fabulous Singlettes with Helen Donaldson Act 2 Sydney 1994

I am the Pirates King 1994 Adelaide

Tim Tyler as The Sergeant 1994 Brisbane

The Rope !

Simon Gallaher & Helen Donaldson original costumed shot 1994 Brisbane

MegaMix Toni 1994

The Sword

Toni Lamond as Ruth 1994 Melbourne

A Paradox

When Frederic was a little Lad

Jon in final rehearsal before opening

Derek Metzger in rehearsal to take over role of Major General Adelaide 1994

Rehearsal shot Anna Butera, Melissa Langton & Suzie French (daughter of Sheila Bradley) 1994 Adelaide

Simon & Helen original rehearsal shot 1994 Brisbane

"We'll Be Queens" rehearsal shot

Rehearsal of "The Kiss" 1994 Brisbane

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