1996 New Zealand Essgee Production - PHOTO GALLERY

Our only ever Blonde Mabel - Terri Crouch 1996- Auckland

Peter Cupples as Frederic & Bev Shean as Ruth 1996 Wellington

Drew Forsythe as Major General "I Thought I Heard a Noise" 1996 Christchurch

Frederic "Oh pity me my beloved friends"

"An orphan Boy" note the matching mini-Beehive on the Major General

A Paradox

Major General's picnic lunch

What is to become of Ruth

Poor Wandering One
Peter Cupples & Terri Crouch

David Gould playing The Sergeant for the first time in Auckland 1996.

Sighing Softly - through the trees Drew Forsythe & cast

Bev Shean as Ruth

David Gould & Cops "When a Felon's not engaged..."

"A Man!" Lisa McArdle, Georgia Duder & Andi Gallaher as the Singlettes

"Dear father why leave your bed?"

"Ruth - are you beautiful?"

"How beautifully Blue the sky"


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