1984 Jo Papp Version - PHOTO GALLERY

June Bronhill as Ruth (Gary Jones in background) 1985- Brisbane

David Atkins as Sergeant 1984 Sydney

Simon Gallaher as Frederic 1984 Melbourne

Simon & Jon Original photo call/Dress Run Melbourne 1984

Simon Gallaher & Marina Prior 1984 Melbourne

1985 Cast

Cat-Like Tread 1984 Melbourne

Lost Photo taken from proof sheet 1985 Melbourne

Simon in old dressing room @ Regent Theatre Sydney 1984

Original Girls Ensemble 1984 (3rd from left is Anna Butera who then played a Singlette in Essgee's 1994 version)

Girls & John Bolton-Wood 1984 Melbourne

Simon Gallaher as Frederic 1985 Brisbane

Jon's original Chest-flash 1984

June Bronhill & Simon Gallaher backstage 1984 Melbourne

Original Mabel Marina Prior 1984

Simon Gallaher "Maiden's Breat" 1985 Melbourne

Original Major General John Bolton-Wood 1984 Melbourne

Lost photo Marina&Jon 1985 Melbourne

Lost photo Simon, Marina & Jon 1985 Melbourne

June Bronhill as Ruth 1984 Melbourne

Rosemary Boyle as Mabel 1986 Brisbane (originally cast for cancelled 1983 season. They did Iolanthe instead with Suzanne Steele who was to have played Ruth)

Lost photo 1985 Melbourne

Jack Webster as Sergeant (centre) Green circle is Gary Jones Red circle is Todd McKenney 1984 Adelaide

Montage shots 1984 Melbourne

Montage shots 2 1984 Melbourne

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