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After you have downloaded a realplayer, you can install this and your browser can self-load the player each you need to use it. Otherwise you can launch it separately at any time (on-line or off). There are many other pages and sites on the net which utilise RealAudio/RealVideo and the Real Network homepage has many interesting archive as well as Live links.

The new Essgee file available will download onto your system once you have clicked the specific file name. From there it will either self-play or it can opened and played from within your RealPlayer application at any time. The file sizes are quite compact considering the length of music track and this is achieved by special compression and encoding. Sound tracks will therefore not be CD quality however the quality of this technology has improved incredibly over the past year or so and seasoned users will notice a big difference. There is now a new player and you need to update your software if you have a version 5 or earlier player.

More files will be added to this page soon but in the mean time please send us feedback either by email or through our Guestbook as we would love to know if such a page is warranted. RealVideo and Quicktime movies are also planned for our site.

New RealAudio File

Simon Gallaher Silver Anniversary CD Preview

This is a compile of some of the tracks from Simon's new CD marking his 30 years in showbusiness. All tracks are from his previous 5 albums and the realaudio file runs about 6 minutes.


Hope you enjoy our trial versions of RealAudio and trust that you will await further updates and inclussions.